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We Assist In Increasing Traffic To Your Websites Through Backlinking

We offer our clients excellent backlinking services for their websites. Our core competency is creating backlinks from directories to help the client’s website get maximum visibility and traffic on most search engine sites be it English, German or any other international search engine. To achieve this we are into creating SEO friendly, non-reciprocal and non-direct backlinks. Our automatic article submission service will ensure that your website is submitted to the best of the search engines and web directories. [Contact us]

What is back linking?

Backlinking is basically a website marketing tool. It is having other sites that are in the same niche as you, linked to your websites. These sites act as your advertisement agents giving you good exposure through their websites. The more the number of sites linking to your websites the better will be your ranking in the various search engines. A better rank assures you maximum exposure and in turn more traffic. This in turn means more revenue for you. And that is a dream of every website owner.

Backlinking is very important to websites.
No website can exist as an island.
Backlinking helps to achieve two important purposes for a website.

- Backlinking will help to direct more traffic to your website.

- It helps the search engines to rate your website. They take into account the volume and quality of the websites linking to your website. Volume by itself in not enough. It is important that good websites in the same niche as you recommend you by backlinking to your website. [Contact us]

How to attract quality websites to link to your website?

A website backlinks to you because it has confidence in the content you are offering. Most of the search engines give more importance to this aspect of linking than just volume. Their argument is that if a good website considers you worthy of linking to you then you must be offering good content. They would never want to link to a website that offers mediocre content. Consequently the search engines give you a better ranking. Therefore the first concentration of every website owner aiming to create backlinks to their website is to structure their site in such a way that every good site back links to them. And this is possible through Search Engine Optimisation of SEO.

Search engine optimisation increases traffic to websites by making it figure high in the ranking of all search engines. It aims not at increasing volume of traffic but also at increasing the quality of traffic visiting your website. SEO achieves this in two ways:

- Firstly by bringing internal optimisation of the website pages. Two important SEO techniques that you can use to bring about maximum search engine optimisation of your website are tags and mirroring. Using tags optimises your website for figuring on search engines and mirroring the keyword on you tag stresses the description given to each page in your website. This can be easily picked up by the search engines. A site map is also an important inclusion in your website. A sitemap maps all the pages of the websites and links to these pages. If strategically located in the website it facilitates the search engine to easily spider around your web sites. This will help in getting a better ranking for your website. [Contact us]

- Secondly by creating backlinks to your website – both quantity and quality links. Backlinking from the perspective of SEO can be explained thus. When search engines look through your websites to rank you they take into consideration the number of websites that link to your websites and also the quality and relevance of the websites that link back to you. For them having high quality links is more important than having numerous links with less quality. To increase the traffic of high quality websites to your sites it is important that you include your keywords in the anchor text. Anchor text is the text the user clicks to lead him to the website. When the keywords appear in the anchor text it is automatically assumed that the websites gives information regarding those particular keywords. When the keyword does not appear in the anchor text the use may automatically overlook that particular link. Therefore you lose traffic to your website.

When you optimise your website with these techniques traffic to your site automatically increases. More traffic means more potential customers, means more final customers, means more revenue for you.

Why employ back link service providers?

You have now understood why backlinking and search engine optimisation is important for you. Many people are of the argument that you can optimise your websites and create backlinks to them yourself. This is possible if you have the knowledge of what you have to do. But here, you must remember that it is not an easy task. Firstly you have to concentrate on creating quality content for your website. Then you have to worry about projecting it in such a way that people notice it as a quality website worthy of visiting and backlinking. And that is a difficult task. And if not done properly you will not get the desired effects you are aiming at. That is where we can help you. [Contact us]

What are the services we offer?

We specialise in creating backlinks to directories to get maximum exposure for your site. Linking to directories is one of the best ways of getting your websites listed faster. We do research and decide the best and relevant directories to back link your website. We submit the directories to automatic search engine submission whereby the search engine finds new links in the directories and updates in their search data base immediately.

Our core competency is getting non reciprocal, non direct backlinks for your website. This will give you the maximum exposure and visibility in search engines. Non-reciprocal linking or one-way linking means that websites link to you without you linking back to them. It is very difficult to get such links and such links are given the highest ranking in search engines. The reason of this is very obvious. Why would some website want to link to you without you reciprocating? It is only for the high quality content that you are offering. With our SEO services you can optimise your website to offer the best services any ser is expecting from you. Once you do this there is nothing stopping you from getting a non-reciprocal link.

Non-direct link means that any website that has backlinks to your site is not restricted from passing on you link further to other websites who want to link to you. This indirectly increases your visibility consequently increasing your traffic.

We assure you the best services to help in directing maximum traffic to your website. Link with us to link with the entire world!

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